Dysimmune Inflammatory Neuropathies, CIDP MMN GBS LSS MFS

By connecting European institutions and patients organizations, 
EPODIN aim to strengthen patient’s voice, shape research, policies and services 
for patients and their families.

The voice of European patients living with rare immune-mediated peripheral neuropathies

Epodin strives to strengthen the patient’s voice to give each European citizen living with a rare immune-mediated peripheral neuropathy the opportunity to reduce the burden and inequities due to the disease. We work with all European regular patient’s organizations to ensure that all patients can have a voice to improve their lives with the disease.

Improving health standards 
and patient care

Epodin works to help the improvement of health standards, 
social & medical policies both at national and international levels.
We collaborate with European institutions, including European Reference Networks and medical societies, to achieve the highest standards of diagnosis, treatment and care for rare immune-mediated peripheral neuropathies for patients in each European country.

Supporting EU countries 
in initiating patient groups

Epodin is happy to share ressources and best practices to help each European country structure its patients community.
We make our best to stay close to patient communities in countries all over the world where patients organizations don’t exist.


Raising public awareness of immune-mediated neuropathies

Epodin created and promote the DIN Day.
Every 11th June, we invite to celebrate the strengh 
of people living with dysimmune and inflammatory neuropathies (DIN) and help raise awareness on rare immune-mediated neuropathies.
We believe awareness is the key to improve diagnosis and bend policies towards a better therapeutic access.